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Laurie Smith

Laurie came to Big Sur as a teenager in 1970, migrated down the coast to Pacific Valley, and became part of the Smith family in 1973.
She has kept one foot in corporate life in the Bay Area and Central CA and the other on the Monterey Peninsula ever since.
Laurie is a volunteer member of the Smith Ranch Committee  which provides business oversight for the Smith Ranch and loves sharing Rocky Creek with friends and family. She is passionate about preserving Big Sur history and environment.
By profession, she is a software developer, designer, problem solver, IT project manager (aka cat herder), people manager/mentor.  With her little obsession about organizing information to help organizations and projects run smoothly, she fits perfectly on our team as a second volunteer coordinator.
Word on the street is she is also a fledgling artist…all mediums, but can’t make up her mind!