When we first started the festival over six years ago, our goal was to promote Big Sur as a culinary destination. It is still our goal.

Here on this section of the wild Pacific coast, we are blessed with not just extraordinary venues, both historic and modern, with truly mind-blowing vistas and ambiance, but truly tasty and creative food. Our chefs have to be, and wish to be, creative. It’s in their blood. From simple hamburgers and pub food, to five star cuisine, Big Sur restaurants run the gamut, and delightfully so.

We hope that during your visit here, you will sample what this area has to offer. Whether it be for a specialized wine maker dinner, where chefs love to go overboard and work closely with a winemaker and exactly what is being poured, and really spread their wings, to simply enjoying a sandwich somewhere, enjoy the best of what we have to offer!


Winemaker Dinners

Details To Be Announced