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We’ve said it, Big Sur is built on extremes…we’ve known a lot of it in weather, but we see it more in the community and the people who support us. Extreme grit, love and resiliency.

This festival almost didn’t happen…and then we got a brand new bridge! October marked a time of hope and recovery for Big Sur, but soon after we had to face north to the pain of our friends in wine country. We knew we couldn’t do it all, but we could do SOMETHING. We could come together and hold this festival with strong intent to help where needed (donations will be published by no later than mid December).

Each and every one of you made this happen. Please know not one moment of your time, your energy, your loyalty and generosity has gone unnoticed. We are humbled and eternally grateful.

The 2017 Festival was dedicated to our dear friend Seth Kunin. He and all of you have become family and we hope you know who much you are cherished.

Thank you for your participation!

Elsa Rivera, Aengus Wagner and Matt Peterson - your Big Sur Food & Wine Foundation Directors

We’re so hoping you’ll join us for this amazing Festival in 2018… November 1-3, 2018


Thank you to all who made this event possible!

Culinary Talent
Aaron Rayor, Cantinetta Luca
Anna & Emanuelle Bartolini, La Balena
Avery Ruzicka, Manresa Bread
Ben Spungin, Sierra Mar
Big Sur Bakery
Bill Cox, U.S. Foods
Brad Briske, Home
Brandon Miller, Alvarado Street Brewing Co.
Cal Stamenov, Lucia Bernardus
Caleb Barron, Fog Line Farms
Carmel Belle
Claire Hulstrom, Monterey Beach House
Darren Ryan, Cream of the Crop
David Baron, Salt Wood
Elizabeth Murray, Sierra Mar
Gabe Georis, Pescadero
Gavin Schmidt, The Morris
Giuseppe Panzuto, Il Tegamino
Graham Gaspard, Black River Caviar
Hector Berumen, Pescadero
Herman Hernandez, SUR
Hyson Epstein
James Anderson, Poke Lab
Jorden Richardson, Savory Events Monterey
Justin Cogley, Aubergine
Justin & Jess Foust, Foustman’s Salami
Michelle Estigoy, Cultura Comida y Bebida
Paul Corsentino, Ventana
Quinn Thompson, Il Grillo
Ron Mendoza, Revival
Chef Sebastian/Chef Luna, La Biciclyette
Shiho Fukushima
Soerke Peters, Basil
Ted & Cindy Walter, Passionfish
Thamin Saleh, Jeninni Kitchen + Wine Bar
Tim Wood, Carmel Valley Ranch
Todd Fisher / Jeremiah Tydeman, 7D Steakhouse
Tom Snyder, Esteban
Yulanda Santos, Aubergine
Sommelier Team
Larry Stone, MS / Panel Presenter
Mike Trupiano
Bonnie Graves
Michele Garber
Rebecca Chapa
Nathaniel Munoz
Becky Breeze
Todd Brinkman
Lee Lightfoot
Ray Lemaire
Chris Shackelford
Dan Fredman
Jenna Congdon
Dylan Peters
Board & Working Committee
Frank Pinney, Board Member
Dianna Balantyne, Board Member
Britt Govea, Board Member
Jennifer Haydu, Volunteer Coordinator
Laurie Smith, Volunteer Coordinator
Weston Call, Logistics
Peggy Giles, Transporation
Matt Glazer, Culinary Operations
Lisa Haas, Décor Manager
Gilliam Bryson, Graphic Artist/Program Designer
Olivia Carnahan, Opening Night Captain
Amanda Oliver, Auction/Lodging Coordinator
Brooke Ewoldsen, Auctioneer
John Wilkinson, Logistics/Resource Management
Wineries & Libations
Lauren Feldmen, Anthill Farms
Ed Kurtzman, August West
Garret Bowlus, Albatross Ridge
Damien Georis, Bertinchamps Bier
Rob Baker, Bernardus
Chris Cotrell, Bedrock
Lenora Carey, Big Sur Vineyards
Bradley Brown, Big Basin
Byron Kosuge, B.Kosuge
John Locke, Birichino
Raj Par, Domaine de la Cote
Josh Jensen, Calera
Scott Carracioli, Caracciloi Cellars
Carissa Chappellet, Chappellet
Todd & Nina, DNS Wines
Morgan Clendenen, Cold Heaven
John Dragonette, Dragonette
Evan Frasier, Ferdinand
Michael Salerno, Freemark Abbey
Tommy Barker, Firestone Brewery
Matthew Rorick, Forlorn Hope
Scott Shapley, Flywheel
David Fink, Fink Family
Katie Blandin Shea, Golden Bear Bitters
Scott Shultz, Jolie Laide
Russel Joyce, Joyce
Grey Hartley, Hitching Post
Larry Stone, Lingua Franca
Seth Kunin, Kunin
Gavin Chanin, Lutum
Ian Brand, Le P’tit Paysan
Michele Ross, Luli
Naomi Smith, Laurent Perrier Champagne
Damien Georis, Madeleine
Drew Daigle, Mail Road
John Peterson, Mans eld Dunne
Darrel Rodriguez, Onx Winery
Mike Lucia, Root Down
Scott Flory, Revana
Scott Winkler, MMD/Roederer
Dan Lee, Morgan
Mark Pisoni, Pisoni
Carlo Mondavi, RAEN
Patrick Martinez, Reef Points Cider
Gary Francioni, Roar
Rusti Salacci, Rustique
Morgan Clendennon, Shokrian
Jason Haas, Tablas Creek
Jillian Hilll, Talbott
Julie Scopazzi, Testarossa
Chris Cotrell, Under The Wire
Pax Mahle, Wind Gap
Ted Glennon, Vocal
Lara Sailor Long, Vineyard Brands
Marketplace Artists
Rachel Moody Beadwork
Big Sur Inspirations
Beautiful Jean
Jeffery Stephenson Woodcuts
Moss Botanicals
Juniper Ridge
Central Coast Juicery
Penny Ice Creamery
Carmel Honey Company
Rustic Bakery
Mi Refugio Project
Materia Lumina
Fousman’s Artisanal Salami
Chelsea Belle Davey
Verve Coffee
Natural Mystic Arts
Ocean Body Works
Mountains to the Sea
Chappallet Goat Cheese
David’s Jade
Musical Talent
Edwin Huiginza
George Gusev
Rick Chelew
Kim Kistler
Nick Leahy
Emily Mann
Wilhemina Frankzera
David Roden
Naima Nascimento
Michelle Magdalena
Michael Troutman
Manny Espinoza
Patrice Ward
Caitlin Reclusado
Evynn LeValley
Sponsors & Supporters
Ventana Big Sur
Post Ranch Inn
D.Scott Farmer & Mia B. Ballentine
Paul & Dana Fisher
Cardinale Movers
A-Z Rentals
Monterey County Weekly
Fenton & Keller
Mark Anderson
Glazer Food & Beverage
VEE R Creative Ventures (Thank you Webmaster Sven!)
Hillary Lipman
The Big Sur Lodge
Sierra Mar
Loma Vista Gardens
Glen Oaks
Big Sur Road House
Edible Magazine
Gary & Carey Vickers
Lydia & Carissa Chapelette
Kim Stemler
Magnus Toren & The Henry Miller Library
Lurisia Water
Sur Transportation
Mike Hale
Jeff White & KRML Radio Marc Paulhus 831GetLive
Trader Joe’s Pai c Grove Whole Foods Monterey Wild Plum Cafe
Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn
Big Sur Deli
Evolutioin Studio
Lisa Haas Designs Shakers Magazine
SF Chronicle
Alaska Airlines Magazine Los Angeles Times WideOrbit
Adept Events
The Monterey Herald Carmel PineCone
Our Volunteers
Kenny Comelo
Jake Feitelson
Alan Crane
Erin Boubel
Lee Interrante
Maryia Hryharenka
Phil Crabbe
Zeeke Jae Hoe Kim
Kevin Cappuccio
Cynthia Skelton
Kyle Schroder
Aimee Alling
Cotroy Gates
Jeanne Beaudreu
Kari Bernardi
Betty Aynaga
Christine Boulanger
Kathleen Branagan
Katie Brunston
Bette Burch
Paige Burks
Lynn Campbell
Tina Campbell
True Candler-Slate
Sharen Carey
Kaelyn Chapman
Jeff Condit
Jenna Congdon
Jeff Corey
Philip Crabbe
Robyn Dermon
Jacquelyn DuPuis
Chloe DuPuis
Adam Earth
Vanessa Farrer
Leigh Fitz
Alicia Hahn-Peterson
Casie Fox
Daniel Hallock
Tim Hill
Courtney Hitchcock
Mary Hryharenka
Mary Kenney
Jim Kuhner
Heather Lamas
Jesalee LaPatra
Chris Liaolo
Viola Lovasz
Dan Magallanes
Lara Magallanes
William Mason
Paige McGuire
Paul Murphy
Klare Nichols
Curtis John Nugent
Marcos Ortega
Tiffani Ortega
Scott Otis
Lauren Pond
Gladys Prada
Al Prince
Brian Roberts
Tanya Roos
Michele Ross
Robert Seeds
Jasmine Severson
Chris Shackelford
Matt Shea
Cyndi Skelton
Lyle Southall
Emily Tanzer
Abra Teitler
Jan White
April Zobel